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Petro Tech provides project management, rig inspections, commissioning, technical auditing and accounting, catering, maintenance in a wide range of Offshore/Onshore & Marine sectors, labor and advisory services spanning the upstream & downstream oil and gas business cycle, including asset and operations management.

We provide high quality, specialized engineering, maintenance services & equipment to meet the demands of companies at the sharp end of the oil & gas industry.

Range of services include: rental, sales, services, repair & load test of oilfield related equipment.
All sales or rental equipment are fully tested, third party full MPI & load test (if required) prior to shipment to ensure that stated performance figures are achieved.

Petro Tech has at its disposal a team of experts from the Oil & Gas and Marine industries, across all technical disciplines. The team has comprehensive understanding of the construction and operation of offshore assets from a technician level through to high level project management, with professional qualifications and a combined 230 years of experience in projects of all sizes and across the globe.

This team, comprising of technical and project managers, can be deployed to an array of projects with responsibilities ranging from site level technical supervision to the management of major capital projects.

With experience from most countries in Asia as well as several parts of Africa, Middle East, Europe, South America, the team is ready to be deployed the any part of the world.


Project management:

  • Owners representative for new construction
  • Owners representative for upgrades and refurbishment
  • Support shipyard project Management
  • Writing commissioning procedures
  • Writing operations procedures
  • Vendor coordination and supervision
  • QA/QC
  • FEED & Detail design
  • Design reviews
  • P&ID reviews

Areas including but not limited to:

  • Semi-submersible rigs
  • Production platforms
  • Shore based facilities
  • Gravity based structures (GBS)
  • Asset decommissioning

Electrical & Instrumentation Discipline:

  • High, Medium, Low voltage generation and distribution
  • Drilling management systems
  • Vessel management system
  • Electrical completion
  • Electrical commissioning and SAT

Mechanical discipline:

  • Marine systems
  • Process piping and support systems
  • Rotating equipment
  • Diesel engines (Power & Propulsion)
  • Preventative maintenance planning
  • Mechanical completion
  • Mechanical commissioning and SAT

Power Production

A major part of our team’s experience is related to power production and all necessary systems and equipment:

  • Gas Turbine Generators capable of operating on an array of available fuels including gasoline, natural gas (supplied as gas or regasified LNG), propane, diesel, and kerosene as well as renewable fuels such as E85, biodiesel and biogas. This hardware can include combined cycle secondary turbine arrangements and waste heat recovery systems.
  • Diesel engines of high, medium and low speed/performance operating ranges running single or dual fuel configurations (Diesel + LNG)

Plant hardware and process systems such as cooling, lubrication, facility control/management systems, electrical generator, transformer hardware, switch gear and grid hook-up arrangements are of same nature between conventional fossil fuelled power production and renewable systems such as hydro, wind and solar.



  • QHSE/Management Systems Audits
  • Write company specific safety manuals
  • Dropped Object Surveys
  • Hazardous Area Surveys
  • Survival Equipment Surveys
  • Noise and Vibration Surveys
  • Illumination Surveys
  • HAZOP/HAZID workshops
  • Provide Mentoring and Coaching services
  • Provide site QHSE Personnel


Petro Tech provides full catering services for the oil and gas industry globally since 2003 for Oil rigs, Tankers, Supply vessels, Accommodation barges and remote side areas on land ( rigs/Camps).

We have operated in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Korea, China, Russia, Middle East, Mauritania, Nigeria, other West Africa locations as well Brazil.

Our management and project teams and catering services have worked with companies like Petrobras, Floatel International, Essar, Seadrill, Frontier Drilling, Ensco, OXS, Queiroz Galvao, Diamond Offshore, Northern Offshore, Noble Drilling, Petronas, Total Fina Elf, Exxon Mobile, Chevron, Pt Huabei, Schenker, Seacor Marine, Seawolf Oilfield Services, Atwood Oceanics, Jasper Drilling, Kim Heng Marine and Sapphire Oilfields.



Petro Tech provides manpower solutions for companies requiring project management, rig inspections, qhse, commissioning, technical auditing and accounting, labour and advisory services spanning the upstream and downstream oil and gas business cycle, including asset and operations management.

Partners with GOS for :Maintenance Consultants and Contractors in a wide range of Offshore/Onshore & Marine sectors.

  • Provision of Specialized Riding Crew. (Blasting/Painting Crew) with Equipment.
  • Inspection & Survey Services coating/corrosion
  • Slurry blasting equipment supply for vessel maintenance by Ships crew
  • Scaffolding and Rope Access crew
  • Project Management staff supply
  • Hydro Jetting & Demolitio
  • Cold Cutting
  • Dredging Abrasion Repairs

Representative of below two special products from Germany.

  • MetaLine: A German manufacturer of Marine and Maritime Technologies, Offshore, Hydraulic Engineering, Subsea, Cruises, Fishing Industry and Water Ports. (Urethane Repair Compounds, not Rubber, not Duplex Steel or Epoxy Ceramics, but a product that ingeniously combines the best of all three)
  • SteelPaint: A German manufacturer of Moisture Cured Urethane coating systems. (Single Pack. No Part A and B. No mixing mistakes to make. It contains 93% Zinc in the dried paint film) Very suitable for steel structures of cargo holds, main decks, buildings, bridges, tanks, ports, towers, etc,. and very long lasting guaranteed!


In our 5000 m² warehouse in the Netherlands we store our extensive range of products from electric- and hand tools, pumps, ladders, cleaning products to safety items.


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