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Capable of undertaking total project management of turnkey contracts, even if acoustics are just one component in the specified scope of works.

Our engineers are vastly experienced in designing mechanical services for large-scale facilities such as diesel and gas-driven power stations, including pumping, filtration, fire fighting, tankage and heat exchanging, as well as all the associated pipe and steel requirements.

Our Engineering solves acoustic problems by first listening to the customer. The need to curb excessive noise is a critical factor in the design of a wide variety of buildings, facilities, patrol boats, fast ferries and many other constructions, products and services. From mining plants and equipment to power generation, processing plants, marine, factories, transport and hospitals there is an increasing need for the silencing of noisy works.

With our vast experience in noise attenuation, we develop cost-effective solutions that meet legislative requirements and provide the optimum result.

Our engineers will visit a site where a problem may arise, evaluate the impact of the noise. We then determine the scope of works required and develop a practical solution that meets environmental needs.


Since 1977, Barclay Engineering has provided specialised engineering solutions to the mining, power generation, marine, construction and HVAC sectors throughout the world. The team has extensive experience in the fields of power generation, acoustic engineering, dust control, ventilation, exhaust systems, waste heat recovery, fuel systems, general steel fabrication and bespoke engineered solutions.

We have designed, manufactured and installed turnkey projects in the UK, UAE, Middle East, Asia and Australia. We have the experience to solve any noise control problem either using our standard product range or by custom engineering a solution to suit the requirements of a specific project.

From luxury vessel exhaust systems, right through to complete turnkey power stations, the team are committed to achieving customer satisfaction and exceeding expectations, and is proud of its reputation for providing superior mechanical engineering solutions. To support this commitment, our Engineering is an ISO 9001 certified company. This commitment to quality and performance is a core element of our Engineering’s philosophy, and is underpinned by our experienced and passionate staff.

Our manufacturing facilities in Canning Vale, Western Australia cover a total area of 13,000m². Comprising of 3000m² fully equipped workshop, 500m² office facility along with 9500m² of hardstand. The workshop is tooled to handle fabrication of Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum along with many other specialist requirements

Acoustic Services

Manufacture a large range of Acoustic Enclosures to suit a customer’s specific need and noise requirement. Our enclosures can be customised to include options such as – fuel tanks and fuel systems, internal lifting facilities, fire suppression systems, control rooms, storage facilities, and electrical packages. We can also facilitate the installation of engines into enclosures, including all of the required electrical elements. We manufacture standard 20ft and 40ft container retrofits, through to custom built enclosures from 5ft to over 50ft to suit the following applications:

  • All brands of diesel generators
  • To suit all db level noise reduction requirements
  • Range of standard, or purpose built attenuation, ventilation, exhaust and door options
  • Gas Turbines
  • Power houses ( Generation halls)
  • Industrial pumps
  • Modular power stations
  • Oil & Gas S/Steel enclosures
  • Gas and Air Compressors
  • Cyclone rated options


Our Engineering manufacture a range of premium acoustic panels to line enclosures to achieve our customers desired noise reduction requirements. We also supply a range of standard 50mm and 100mm acoustic panels that are manufactured with a pre-galvanised sheet steel outer skin and a pre-galvanised perforated sheet steel inner skin. Our standard panel in-fill is 50mm – 100mm thick acoustic mineral wool; other composite in-fill is also used when there is a need for higher acoustic performance.


Our Engineering manufacture a range of premium acoustic panels to line enclosures to achieve our customers desired noise reduction requirements. We also supply a range of standard 50mm and 100mm acoustic panels that are manufactured with a pre-galvanised sheet steel outer skin and a pre-galvanised perforated sheet steel inner skin. Our standard panel in-fill is 50mm – 100mm thick acoustic mineral wool; other composite in-fill is also used when there is a need for higher acoustic performance.

  • BSA Series – Spark Arrestor
  • BIS Series – Industrial
  • BAS Series – Absorptive
  • BCS Series – Critical
We also produce two types of exhaust bellows – single and double element, which complement our mufflers and exhaust systems. Their purpose is to absorb the movement in any pipe work that is fixed between two anchors. Single bellows are chiefly used to absorb axial movement, while the double units are more suitable where lateral movement is present. Our bellows can be manufactured in various materials including stainless steel to suit each application.


Moisture ingress can cause catastrophic, long term damage to engines and other mission critical elements inside an enclosure. Our range of Aroisio moisture eliminators provide unsurpassed protection against moisture, reducing solids down to 10 micron without inhibiting airflow requirements of the enclosure. This technology is imperative in locations that experience high humidity and rainfall.

Moisture is not the only airborne particle that can cause serious damage to your equipment. Sand, dust and debris are also major contributors to equipment failure. Our unique intertial filters provide an excellent defence against foreign particles entering an enclosure. They have been designed to be virtually maintenance free throughout their life cycle, unlike other filters on the market that use material or hepa as their filtration method. These filters require regular maintenance, cleaning and replacement throughout their lifetime, adding to ongoing costs and staff resources to maintain each filter.

Our design and manufacture a range of dampers and acoustic louvres to cater for any specific customer requirement. Our dampers can be either designed to suit automatic or manual operation. Our range of acoustic louvres cater for any airflow and acoustic noise reduction requirements.

Engineering Services

We have a passionate and experience team, capable of supplying high quality concept, design and drafting services. AutoCAD is used for general services while Autodesk Inventor is used for 3D design and imaging services. Space Gass FEA software is utilised for structural and vibration analysis.
Our fabrication capabilities are supported by the latest machinery, including the only Finn-Power laser cutter and punch in Western Australia and highly skilled, accredited trades people. Our design and manufacturing capabilites include:

  • Custom Engineering Solutions
  • Commercial Projects
  • Oil & Gas Projects
  • Power Generation Projects
  • Mining Projects
  • Gas Turbine Enclosures & Exhaust
  • Industrial Steel Fabrication
  • Marine Ventilation & Exhaust Systems
  • Heavy Mining Equipment & Rail Acoustics
  • AHU/HVAC Enclosures & Equipment
  • General ducting and pipe work
  • Project Management
  • Design Engineering & Drafting Services
Our manufacturing facilities in Canning Vale, Western Australia cover a total area of 13,000m². Comprising of 3000m² fully equipped workshop, 500m² office facility along with 9500m² of hardstand. The workshop is tooled to handle fabrication of Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminium along with many other specialist requirements.

Our welding teams are accredited up to ASME IX standards


We have extensive experience with gas turbine projects ranging from 10mv to 110mv, providing practical solutions to specific acoustic needs.
  • Acoustic Enclosures to suit all models of Gas Turbines
  • Internal acoustic panels
  • Acoustic Louvers
  • Inlet Filter housing to suite all filtration methods
  • Fan Silencers
  • Exhaust Gas Silencers
  • Exhaust stacks
  • Steam Vent Silencers
  • Acoustic and Fire Rated Doors and Panels
  • Attenuators
  • All associated structural steel requirements including mezzanines, walkways and railing


Our unique inertial filtration system is designed to minimize the ingress of foreign particles into an acoustic or other type of enclosure housing. This method of filtration achieves 95% efficiency @ 10um. The filter utilises pressed steel blades, steel casing , supports and a bleed air fan which assists in the self cleaning process. Our Inertial Filters operate on the principal of inertia; the air is made to turn sharply at high velocity while the heavier particles continue past the blades and into the dust chute.The module is designed to meet airflow requirements of housed equipment and is generally maintenance free during its life cycle. Fine dust that can be encountered on mine sites and sand from dust storms can create a major maintenance problem for a myriad of industries and locations.

We have supplied this product design on many major projects globally and is preferred by customers who require a high performance, cost effective and low maintenance filtration system in harsh environments


The inertial filters manufactured by us, are self-cleaning through bleed air fans mounted on the bottom of each unit which draws particles from the blade packs. The captured particles are then removed and blown away from the clean air inlet. The self-cleaning feature of our filters means less maintenance and down time.The technology Barclay Engineering has developed for our Intertial filtration system does not include material or Hepa filters which require regular cleaning and ongoing maintenance. As such, we are the first choice for customers requiring a high performance, low maintenance filtration system.

Additional Options

Our Intertial Filters can be designed to suit most applications and environments, a number of additional options can be included to match a specific customer or site requirement, such as:
  • Attenuation - Attenuators can be included to meet specific dB levels required for a paticular site
  • Transitions - We can taylor the transition section where the intertial filter meets an enclosure / building to suit a customers specification
  • Inlet Ventilation fan - In some instances customers require additional airflow into an enclosure / building, by including an inlet ventilation fan in the transition, we are able to achieve a customers specific airflow requirements.
  • Rain Hoods - In environments susceptible to high rainfall, rain hoods can be included to minimise liquid ingress
  • Increased Filtration - Additional filtration can be included to remove particles below 10um


Mufflers offer long-term solutions to most exhaust noise problems that arise from diesel generators, compressors, earthmoving equipment, trucks, tractors and other machinery powered by internal combustion engines. We manufacture a range of absorptive and reactive mufflers. Our entire range of mufflers are fabricated to GL (GermanischerLloyd AG ) certification (ISO 3834 ) standards. GL welding certification is one of the highest, globally recognised welding standards and we are proud to have achieved this level of fabrication quality throughout our range of exhausts.

BAS series units are efficient absorptive mufflers designed for maximum acoustic performance and minimal backpressure.Their high acoustic performance and lightweight makes them suitable for most industrial situations. These mufflers can be utilised on all types of Reciprocating Engines

BCS series mufflers provide the highest attenuation for all critical situations. These mufflers are multi chamber reactive units that combine the performance of absorptive and reactive mufflers. These mufflers can be utilised on all gas exhaust applications, where acoustics and airflow require maximum performance.

BIS series units are multi-chamber reactive units with good broad band performance. The main characteristic of this range is their low pressure drop figures, whilst still achieving an acceptable acoustic result. BIS mufflers are suitable for use on the exhausts of diesel engines and the control of plant noise. With good low frequency performance, these units can be used in most industrial situations.

BRS series mufflers are multi chamber reactive units, for use where better than average acoustic performance is required for residential or industrial situations. This range is designed for maximum all round performance and can be utilised on all types of Reciprocating Engines, Inlet and Outlets of Blowers, Vacuum Pumps, Compressors and Gas Handling Systems


Rectangular and Cylindrical Silencers

Since 1977, We have been producing quality silencers and attenuators for a range of industries and applications.
Rectangular and cylindrical silencers are used to reduce the noise in “air moving” applications such as air conditioning or ventilation systems, fan and blower inlets and outlets, dust control equipment, motor cooling fans, enclosure ventilation and other industrial applications. Both types of silencers are absorptive, with the rectangular silencer using absorptive splitters to reduce the noise, while the cylindrical silencer is insulated with acoustic infill and if required, a central-pod is inserted in the silencer for higher attenuation.

Steam and Gas Blow-off Silencers

Steam and gas blow-off silencers are used on pressure relief valves, safety and other vent outlets for steam and other gases, such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen or oxygen. Blow-off silencers usually have both a reactive and an absorptive component, and are of a heavy construction for the application.

Blower and Compressor Silencers

Blower and compressor silencers are either reactive or a combination of reactive and absorptive components. Typically they are used on inlet and/or discharge runs to reduce the airborne noise being emitted.

Acoustic Panels, Screens and Wall Lining

Enclosure Panels

Since 1977, We have been producing quality silencers and attenuators for a range of industries and applications.

Modular acoustic panels manufactured by our Engineering department are of a tongue and groove design to provide ease of installation. Our panels are manufactured with a pre-galvanised sheet steel outer skin and a pre-galvanised perforated sheet steel inner skin. Non corrosive materials, aluminium and various paint finishes can also be offered. The standard panel in-fill is 50mm thick acoustic mineral wool; thicker in-fill or composite in-fill is also used when there is a need for higher acoustic performance.

Standard panels are available in several thicknesses, from 50mm to 100mm thick and are design to meet our customers specific requirements. Our composite panels have been tested for their acoustic performance at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia.

Wall Lining

Reverbatek wall lining provides outstanding sound absorption and so reduces noise levels inside buildings. The lightweight construction, high strength and durability allow for simple and efficient installation. All the components of the Reverbatek systems are non-combustible and will not burn or support combustion.

Our office acoustic partitioning are a light-weight and hard wearing acoustic barrier, designed for most office and industrial situations. This versatile screen is ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications. Our unique flexible design allows for almost any arrangement to be easily and economically formed. Our acoustic partitioning screens can be tailor made to suit any floor plan or office design and provide a reduction in ambient noise in busy office environments. Many industries rely on acoustic products in their office environment, such as legal firms and the defence department.



Acoustic louvers are used to prevent noise breakout from an air inlet or outlet of a plantroom, building or enclosure whilst allowing ventilation air transfer. They have varying acoustic performance depending on the type of aerodynamically designed blades is used and the depth of the acoustic louvre demanded by the design. Weather louvers resist the ingress of rain and moisture and are used where noise is not such a concern or is being treated by some other means. They provide weatherproofing and air transfer and can be made from steel, stainless steel or aluminium and then finished in enamel paint, powdercoated or anodised. We are an authorized distributor of APS AROSIO. The best constructors in the world use the APS AROSIO system. The level of applied technology, the top quality of the materials used, the wide range of Accessories and prompt service are the features that make the APS AROSIO brand leader in the market of AHU.


We manufacture high quality acoustic rated doors for use in buildings where there is a requirement to limit noise transfer from one area to another. The doors are customised to suit the application, and these have included plant rooms, hospitals, offices, lecture theatres, concert-halls, acoustic laboratories, audiometry suites, conference rooms, broadcasting studios, and all types of acoustic enclosures. While we can supply the doors as ready to fit, due to the precision required to install the larger doors, we recommend the installation be carried out by our fully trained personnel.

Typically the doors are made from PGI (galvanised), black mild steel, or for aggressive environments, stainless steel. Door handles and hinges designed to cope with the heavy loads imposed by the doors are included. Other types of hardware such as wedges, locking worms and panic bars can also be fitted to these doors (subject to availability & performance). Items such as drop seals, acoustic door seals and single or double glazed windows have all been fully tested and approved for use in critical applications.

Doors can be finished in a variety of coatings including – base primed, standard enamel paint or powdercoated. Stainless steel doors can be provided as linished or polished.



A Damper is a blade or plate that can stop or regulate the flow of air inside a duct, or other air handling equipment. A damper can be used to cut off central air conditioning (heating and cooling) for an unused room, or it can regulate it for room-by-room temperature and climate control. Our Dampers can be designed for manual or automatic operation ( Pneumatic or electric )

Manual dampers are turned by a handle on the external part of a duct. Automatic dampers are used to regulate airflow and are operated by electric or pneumatic motors.

We provide Dampers designed by APS AROSIO.


Fuel Systems

We can construct one of the most efficient fuel systems possible. Our fuel systems will provide you with the following equipment:

  • Size: all dependent on the site location (there is no standard size) all are custom built
  • Bulk Tank
  • Daily usage Tank
  • Fuel fill system
  • All fuel systems come with suitable sized fuel transfer pumps
  • Piping will be done from the Bulk tank using level control and pump controllers
  • Gate Valves of various diameters- Where required
  • Fittings
  • Bulk Tank Safety Valves (2)
  • Gate Valves of various diameters – Where required
  • Fuel Pumps – To suit fuel requirements
  • Yankee Flanges – Due to Day Tank by-passes there have been increases in the quantities of Yankee Flanges from the original scope
  • Fuel Lines (Fill Point To Bulk Tanks ) – Now Approximately 70LM
  • Fuel Lines (From Bulk Tank to Day Tanks)
  • Fuel Lines (From Day Tanks to Engines)
  • Fuel Lines (Return & Drain lines from Day Tanks to Bulk Tank)
  • Bulk Tank Vent Piping
  • Labor Component
  • Pipe Paintworks
  • Bulk Tank Fittings – due to the decrease in the number of Bulk Tanks to 2, Gauges, Level Indicators and other fittings have been decreased proportionately


With today’s high performance diesel and turbine engines, the design of engine room ventilation packages is now more important than at any time in the past. We can design and/or supply complete turnkey ventilation packages, incorporating impingement filters, fans, silencers and associated duct work. Individual components can also be designed and supplied to the customer’s requirements. A wide range of component materials is available including polypropylene, galvanised steel, aluminium and stainless steel to ensure optimum life and serviceability. The selection of fan and silencer combinations is most important to maintain stringent noise limitations, and by choosing from our specialised range of circular and rectangular absorptive silencers we can meet any required noise level whilst maintaining air flow requirements.


Mist or Moisture Eliminators remove humidity from moving air. Typically they are used where there is a high likelihood of rain or moisture being drawn into a ventilation system through the air intake vents. Our specially designed blades capture moisture and drains it away in carefully designed drain channels so as no moisture is carried back into the air stream. Our moisture eliminators can be design and manufactured in a range of shapes, sizes and colours to suit the specific needs of your project. Also available with coalescent pads.

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