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Petro Tech offers the following to the civil, mining and process industries:

  • extruded concrete curbing solutions
  • road management & maintenance services
  • traffic management services
  • workforce training & assessment
  • road signs

Management Systems

Projects are managed under Australian Safety, Quality and Environmental Management Systems compliant to AS 4801:2001, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 and the applicable local regulations.


The health and safety of our people is of the highest priority and cannot be compromised. Our goal is to have a workplace free of incidents and injuries and we are committed to meeting this goal through a focus on behavioral safety initiatives supported by management leadership, cultural change strategies, and leading-edge management systems.

We undertake regular audits to ensure continuous improvement in this area.

Environmental Management

We are always committed to responsible environmental behavior, in all aspects of our business.

The commitment is supported by implementation and regular review of the Management System, which is documented by:

  • Our Safety, Health, Environment & Community Policy Statement.
  • Site-specific environmental management plans that are tailored for each project.
  • Processes, procedures and forms to support environmental management.
  • Our environmental management system to ISO 14001
  • An internal audit process providing assurance on SEQ performance on each project.


Our commitment to quality flows from the fact that long after a project is completed, our reputation will continue to be influenced by the quality of the work and service we provided.

Petro Tech has a documented system of comprehensive and practical civil & maintenance management plans and procedures to ensure that the quality of our service satisfies our clients, and our own, criteria.

The system is upgraded as a result of a continual improvement strategy and monitored for compliance.

We aim to maximise the potential positive contribution and minimise unfavorable impacts through a proactive approach to community relations.

Project Management

On award of a project the General Manager of the business unit, together with an appointed-on site Project Manager, is assigned the responsibility of delivering to the client the required outcomes for the project. The Project Manager organises the necessary resources to undertake and monitor the project with respect to cost, time and standards.

Personnel are selected based on their qualifications and experience relevant to that particular contract. In some instances, personnel will be transferred between existing projects in order to maximise specific job skills.

From our appreciation of civil contracts and our experience with the methodologies that will be required,
The Project Manager will develop a Project Master Schedule designed to meet the project requirements.

  • Our systems will cover on site administration and quality project documentation to record project activity
  • Safety record s and documentation will include daily prestart and toolbox meeting as well as documented client meetings during construction on a daily or weekly basis as required
  • Emergency response to any situation from evacuation of total project resources and medical emergency.
  • Environmental impact and rehabilitation of site leaving no footprint and total re-establishment.

Delivery Methods

Petro Tech is committed to working with our clients to determine the most appropriate delivery method for each project. This commitment to ‘best-for-project’ outcomes allows us to be flexible and innovative in providing solutions to delivery.

Delivery methods undertaken may include:

  • Alliance
  • Joint Venture
  • Service Agreements
  • Sub-contractor
  • Plant Hire

Petro Tech places a strong emphasis on business integrity and compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Relationships with our staff and our clients are positively enhanced by communicating in an open and honest manner with complete transparency at all levels of our organisation.



  • Cost effective and time efficient compared to traditional form work
  • Operationally ready for use in 24 hours
  • Standard and custom curb profiles
  • Capability to deliver 1000 mtrs per day from 1 machine (site dependent and profile dependent)
  • Extruded concrete curbing can be laid down - pre & post road construction


Petro Tech – Training & Assessment delivers recognized training which results in individuals receiving a recognized certificate. Al our trainers hold a Certificate IV Workplace Training & Assessment.

Our courses are developed in consultation with industry and are designed to incorporate practical content aimed specifically at aspects of competency that require further understanding and implementation in the real world. In addition, we strive to customize and deliver each course with emphasis on the material that is most relevant to the clients attending.

Assessments are delivered progressively throughout the course allowing us to monitor and give feedback to address any areas that have not been well understood.

    Petro Tech also provides onsite traffic control services to construction sites and road building / repair sites.



  • Road management extends the road designed service life
  • Crack sealing
  • Pot hole repair
  • Sign repair/replacement
  • Guard rail repair / replacement
  • Rest area cleaning and rehabilitation


  • Road construction
  • Road base soil stabilizing
  • Spray sealing
  • Shoulder works
  • Storm damage
  • Culvert construction


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